Body-mind therapy

Latest update : 20 January 2013.


Arbres de S. Gordon

Psychologist and shiatsuki have in common the special attention paid to the experience of the person they take care of. The psychologist listens through the words, the shiatsuki listens through the hands, observe the information that communicates the body. They are witnesses of psychic life, which expresses intself in the words and in the body. The benevolent presence of this witness allows the person to get to know and have access to new resources for change, without forcing anything.

There are many situations that may require a body-mind support :

  • During sudden changes, whether they are positive or negative, which can be overwhelming,
  • During a chronic uncomfortable situation, which requires more force to change
  • When you want to have access to more serenity,
  • When pain or disease resist to allopathic treatments and have something to teach us
  • In mourning, more or less complicated,
  • When you can not read the information from the body,
  • When emotions are too or not enough present
  • And many more ...
    Totem de L. Barbier


Peculiarity of health psychology in connection with the practice of Shiatsu include some specific work areas:

  • Managing stress : strengthening your resources and developing coping skills
  • Maintain and improve the health
  • Explore the meaning of illness, symptoms
  • Better living with illness
  • In short, improving the quality of life, taking into account the specific situation of each, regarding economic, social, familial, environmental and personal features.