Latest update : 20 January 2013.

Shiatsu, the "finger pressure" for your balance

Preventive boost

  • In practice: incremental pressures are applied on top of the clothes on the entire body, with the palms, thumbs, elbows and knees at times. A session also includes gentle stretching and mobilization. Sometimes it is useful to accompany the work with active breathing.
  • The practitioner has a special listening that allows him to adjust the pressure to your body’s needs. These, progressive and precise, both give information to the nervous system, allow a better flow of body fluids, and stimulate self-healing capabilities.
  • Holistic Practice, Shiatsu works as dynamic processes, integrating the physical and psycho-emotional aspects. This results in better self-awareness and health.
  • This practice helps to integrate at the body level the changes made during a verbal psychotherapy, and mobilize the resources needed for future changes.
  • Shiatsu sessions play their preventive role in your health both through its direct effects on the body, but also by the awareness that they allow to develop: depending on the lifestyle that you have, that times you go through, you may feel that your body does not give you the same information.

Shiatsu sessions take place by appointment, address : 1O place des Carmes, Toulouse.
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