Sunday 20 January 2013, by Adeline Pupat

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Physical recovery, headaches, digestive, sleep and hormonal disorders, nervousness and stress management difficulties, feeling of losing ground ... The list of indications of Shiatsu is long, provided that there is no organic lesion.

The first major application of Shiatsu is, in our society, to mitigate the effects of stress, provided that there is no organic lesion.

For example, the benefits of Shiatsu are known to relieve:

  • Digestive disorders (colitis, heartburn, chronic constipation, nausea ...)
  • Respiratory and cardiac functional disorders
  • Psycho-emotional disorders (anxiety, anxiety, depression, addictions ...)
  • Gynecological disorders (irregular cycle, burns ...)
  • Rheumatic disorders (arthritis, lumbago, tenonitis)
  • Sleep disturbances (nightmares, hypersomnia, insomnia ...)
  • Some headaches
  • In support of pregnancy (see article):
  • ** For the inconvenience (nausea, rash, back pain, digestive disorders, compared to changing body ...)
  • ** For delivery
  • ** after childbirth (recovery)
  • In support of smoking cessation : stimulation of detoxifying functions allowing a faster withdrawal, disgust with tobacco. The soothing effect of shiatsu makes the weaning period calmer.
  • ... In short, most functional disorders.